Teddy Bakhos

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
(365) 777-0800

Teddy Bakhos who is the founder and owner of a Canadian-based consulting firm “Bakhos Consulting Services Inc.” is acting as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of GK Wealth Management, offering investment advisory and portfolio management services to our firm. Teddy has been working in the financial markets and investment industry since 2009. He has many years of professional investment advisory expertise and more than 11 years of university teaching experience, with a remarkable record of accomplishment in the investment and securities industries in different countries like Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. Covering brokerage, trading, investment advisory, asset allocation, asset management, portfolio management and business development. 

Teddy started his career at Banque BEMO (a pioneer and leader in Private & Corporate Banking in the Middle East, Cyprus and Luxembourg) as a “Senior Banking Advisor” in the Investments & Securities team. After 2 years, he moved to Banque Libano-Française (BLF) as “Senior Relationship Manager: International Coverage & Correspondent Banking”, where he was managing the bank’s local and international institutional relationships network. After a few years, he moved within the same group to the Libano-Française Finance (LFF); the financial and investment arm of Banque Libano-Française as a “Senior Investment Advisor”, covering the execution, advisory and asset allocation side of the business for High-Net-Worth and institutional clients in Switzerland, France, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. In 2018, he has been promoted to “Dealing Room Manager: Equities, Funds & Derivatives”, where he focused the most on the following segments: execution, advisory & asset allocation, business development, coaching & training and management, through which he acquired in-depth knowledge in the investment world and the securities industry’s best practices from a managerial perspective.

In addition to his professional duties, Teddy occupied different academic positions in various universities and faculties since 2012, where he expanded his courses basket covering Advanced Financial Markets, Technical Analysis, Financial Derivatives, Corporate Finance, Banking & Finance, Strategic Decision-Making, Financial Management and Strategic Management, for bachelor and master's degrees, in addition to the Executive MBA (EMBA) program targeting seniors, executives and top management personnel of companies in different industries. Teddy was the “Head of Financial Markets Academic Curriculum Program” at The Higher Institute for Banking Studies (ISEB), where his role focused initially on launching, then managing a Financial Markets Master’s degree, through a well-structured curriculum and recruiting a suitable teaching body of professionals from different financial markets fields, as well as permanently organizing seminars, workshops and training sessions to the institute’s students and teaching body. For 11 consecutive years, Teddy was also in charge in different universities in Lebanon and other Gulf countries of a permanent applied trading workshop through a professional investment platform covering different financial asset classes. 

Teddy graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business & Management Administration from the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), and then pursued a Master’s degree in Research in Finance. He excelled throughout his academic path to be nominated "Honor Listed” during all his years of studies, as evidenced by an exceptional scholarship granted by one of the biggest multinational companies in the world “Deloitte”, as recognition for his academic excellent performance.

On a personal level, Teddy has been married to Racelle Barmo since 2014 and he is a father to Matteo 8 years old and Kate 6 years old.